Organiza: International Academy, Research, and Industry Association

Ciudad: Cancún

País: México

Fecha de inicio: 01/02/2009

Fecha de finalización: 06/02/2009


* Fundamentals of geoinformation

* Syntax and semantic-based description

* Conceptual and logical models for GIS&WS

* Techniques for geographical representation

* Query languages and interfaces for GIS&WS

* Integrated architectures for geospatial information

* Web services and geospatial systems

* Semantic geo-spatial web

* Web mapping services interfaces

* 2D and 3D information visualization

* Simulation modeling dynamic geo processes

* Geospatial data in net-centric environment

* Discovery, indexing and integration of geographical information systems

* Mining GIS&WS information

* Semantic interoperability of distributed geoservices

* Spatial data infrastructure

* Web services interoperability

* Distributed simulations and sensor webs

* Geographical search engines and web services

* Geoinformation processing

* Web-based geographic information systems

* Geoprocessing of distributed data

* Natural resource information systems

* Exploratory cartography and interfaces

* Digital geographical libraries

* Geospatial technology

* Telematics and GIS Applications

* Mobile & Wireless GIS

* Personalized services for GIS&WS

* Geology and hydrogeology geographical data

* Standardization of geodata and geoservices

* Environment and land surveying

* Oceanographic geoinformation

* Sensors and remote sensing

* Digital cartography

* Managing uncertainty in spatial information

* Automatic mapping (possibly web-based …)

* Digital elevation/shape modeling

* Exploratory spatial data analysis

* Web-based visualization of statistical data within a geographic framework

* Tools and links between GIS and statistical software packages

* Business Mapping (spatial analysis for business processes as customer segmentation, churn analysis, etc.)

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